Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Printing a More Objects

These are some earrings I printed off of Thingiverse.  This print was done at the highest resolution available on the XYZ software.  Clearly, you can still see the ridges from the layers of printing.  My friend told me that you can use nail polish remover to smooth the print ridges.  I noticed when printing this object that the top of the tear drop in the form got goopy when printing because the surface was so small and pointy.  I think this might be solved by pausing the printer a couple of times at the top of the print.  I think it will allow the plastic to solidify before stacking a new layer on top.

Here is a crystal-like structure that I took from the customizable forms on Thingiverse.  In the photo you can see a flat top on the right side of the structure and a ridge on the larger column.  I think this is an error in the slicing function of the XYZ software.  I also noticed when playing with the customizer that you must have a flat surface on the model to start printing correctly.  This will allow the plastic layers to stack correctly.  This model also printed with a "stilt" created by the software to hold the diagonal piece up when printing.  I wish I had taken a photo of the cross section of the piece when it was in process because it has a thin honeycomb or hex structure in the interior to give it strength.