Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Printer Came in the Mail!!!

My 3-D printer came in the mail yesterday with an extra box of filament that I ordered along with it.  I ordered it online from a website called Studica after doing a little research on the model.  I feel like I took a little bit of a risk as the online reviews of this product are a little bad.  However, the price is the best I have seen yet ($530 with shipping) and It has a 7.8"X7.8" build size.  I pulled the trigger because  everything I have read about 3-D printers leads me to believe they are all a little bit buggy anyway.  I was very impressed with the shipping.  Studica sent me an e-mail as soon as the printer was shipped out and it made it to my door step on day 4.  Not bad with Fedex ground service.