Thursday, May 1, 2014

Larger Footprint Print

 I wanted to try a print with a larger footprint and I learned quite a lot from this.  This is another file downloaded from Thingiverse.  The instructions for this file state that the print bed must be 'spot on' with regard to calibration.

Thingiverse Customizable Print

As I start to learn how to use the printer I am trying different types of prints so I can learn some of the pitfalls of my system.  I looked up customizable files on Thingiverse and found some crystal like structures that you can change the height, width, number of components, etc.  When these files become complex I found that the slicer software takes a lot more time to read the file.  The next time I find a complex file I want to print, I will put it into the software and go to bed.  I think the software had problems reading the file when it did the slicing because of the look of this piece. If you notice, the top of the smaller section has a squared of point instead of a diamond tip like the larger section.  At the same level there is an off set section on the larger component of the piece.