Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Print

After plugging in the machine I followed the instructions for loading the filament and fired it up for a test print.  The machine comes pre-loaded with 3 files to test print without hooking it to a computer.  I chose the star cup because it seemed most interesting to me.  The time I opened the box to when I started the first print was around 45 minutes.  All worked well with the machine and I am impressed with the ease of set up.  I have looked a few things up on this type of printer and there is a video that shows an owner that used a dremel to saw a slot in the back to expose an SD card that holds the sample files in G code.  If you are into hacking this could be pretty cool because you could load G code into the card and use the machine without hooking it to a computer.
Here is the finished star cup.